New Music: Bryson Tiller Can’t Wait To See Her ‘Smile’

Bryson Tiller is in go mode!

Not even a week after releasing his latest track ‘Blame,’ the self-proclaimed “Trapsoul king” teams up with DJ Snake on their sizzling single, “Smile.”

Tiller explains that he hasn’t seen his girl’s smile in a while and it’s about time to make that happen. He’s never been afraid to express his feelings; but, we must admit, this go around it sounds like he’s much more direct and upfront about what he’s looking for. His approach is aggressive and confident; although the production lends contrast providing ultimate Summer vibes. Bryson is crazy in love and it’s apparent.

If “Blame” and “Smile” are any indication of the direction of Tiller’s forthcoming album, “Serenity,” there’s not much room to distinguish his prior work to his latest efforts: they all sound very Tiller-ish. There’s room for an artist to define their own sound, but when it’s drastically the same release after release, the expectation for any future music projects that push creative boundaries and evolves the Louisville talent will soon be out of reach.

“Smile” is one of the major collaborations on Snake’s sophomore album, “Carte Blanche.” The star-studded album also features standout acts Sean Paul, Majid Jordan and Selena Gomez.