Bryan J Adds His Flare to Ella Mai’s “Trip”

Bryan J is a vibe!

The talented R&B artist follows up his recently released single, “Mos’ High,” featuring rapper Young Thug and Dancehall star Beenie Man, with a “BMix” of Ella Mai’s latest single, “Trip.”

On the sultry gem, Bryan provides a man’s perspective by giving us a mature vantage point on protecting the female emotion, all while delivering soulful and well-tooled vocals filled with lush harmonies and poignant lyrics.

About the BMix, Bryan tells us, “I feel like we live in a time where wanting to be excepted is at an all-time high… and women need that security to know they are the only one in a man’s eyes when she’s in love and when they don’t get that they start tripping… and I wanted to write something that was honest and a reminder of “I still love you” even when yo friends try to tell you different about our love.”

Lyrics like, “I just don’t wanna become what you be saying / I just don’t wanna become what you be thinking,” helps drive home Bryan’s point of sincerity and the work needed in a relationship.

He adds, “When she hurt she says things to make herself feel safe because I haven’t done my part whether it’s mentally, physically or emotions. I wanted women to know they aren’t alone in the department of feelings.. we just know how to hide it better.”

The words from a man in touch with his feels, plus he has a lot of admiration for the talented Ella Mai.

“I’m a fan because she talks about the vulnerability it takes to be a young woman and accepting that idea, which makes her such a strong person,” says Bryan. “It reminds me of Anita Baker with how honest she is about her feelings… plus she sexy and can sing 🤷🏽‍♂️”

Shoot your shot B — Check out the feel-good Bmix of “Trip” below:

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