EXCLUSIVE: Rico Love Talks Breaking Artists, Respecting The Culture, Usher, More

Grammy-winning artist Rico Love is now in the business of breaking artists!

Known for his work with superstars like Beyonce, Usher, Trey Songz and a slew of others, the veteran producer, songwriter, and performer recently launched the “Rico Love Presents,” a platform to give talented artists more opportunities to be successful.

“It’s an opportunity for incredibly talented people,” says Rico. “It’s similar to what a playlist is, except instead of curating a playlist, I’m actually writing and producing the song…I’m creating the visuals, writing the treatments…it’s taking an artist and giving them a launchpad, but it’s not designed the same way as a record company.”

“Rico Love Presents” is a working relationship with artists as Rico adds, “After the project, the artist is free to do what they wanna do.”

This new movement has always been in Rico’s plans. “I’ve always had a dream to break artists,” he says. “I’ve done a lot of things in my career, but I don’t feel like I can call myself accomplished unless I break an act.”

Rico understands that this platform’s success relies on the talent he chooses to work with. “I really fall in love with incredible talent… I’m always inspired and intrigued by people who have effortless voices,” he says. “When I come across those people, it upsets me that they have to do a song and dance to get the world to see them as opposed to being incredibly talented.”

During our sit down, Rico also gave us his take on today’s artist, touched on culture vultures, and gave us an update on Usher’s upcoming album.

“Me and Usher, we got like 18 records recorded so far. We’ve been doing a lot of stuff, hanging out, talking a lot; I think it’s gonna be really cool,” he says of the new music. “I’m not sure  When he’s going to release but he gotta lot of ammo.”

Watch our full interview with Rico Love below:


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