EXCLUSIVE: Singer/Actor, Keith Robinson Talks New Single, Singing, Acting, and More

Keith Robinson understands that talent is God’s gift to you. His talents garnered him prominent film roles in films like Dreamgirls, All Eyez On Me, This Christmas, Dear John, Fat Albert, and 35 and Ticking. He currently stars in the Bounce TV show, Saints & Sinners. Even though Robinson accomplished a great deal in showbiz, he understands egos can sabotage success, which is why his career continues to flourish.

In addition to films, Robinson is an accomplished singer and songwriter. He wrote the Academy Award-nominated song, “Patience,” for Dreamgirls. To further his craftsmanship, Robinson launched his own scoring company, Theme Song. He created music for several motion pictures, Blade 3, Divorce Invitation, to name a few.

As a solo artist, he released two albums and recently released his latest single, “Never Be You.” The record will also appear on his mixtape, Trapsodic Love. Robinson understands his musical journey is an ongoing mystery, but he uses music as another platform so people can learn more about him.

Check out Keith Robinson’s music video for the song, “Never Be You.” chatted with the alluring vocalist and actor about the new single, acting, movie appearances in the future, music, and more.

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Single, “Never Be You”: The single is about sticking it out in your relationship. It’s about sticking together through the grain. The concept was quick and fast for me because I wanted to write a song that people can relate to in their relationships. Now, in today’s society, people can’t relate to each other on an intimate level because of social media. People are no longer appreciating their partner and start to step away from the relationship. Then, you begin searching for something new meanwhile, everything you’ve ever wanted was right in front of you all this time.

The mixtape, ‘Traposodic Love’ Being Different from Previous Projects: Traposodic Love is more of my alter ego; I’m revealing what people don’t know about me on record. I have to say it’s more edgy and it’s a Trap Soul sound. I just wanted to be free on this mixtape.

Singing vs. Acting: It’s a combination of both; I can’t choose between the two. I am showing my love for both which is why I do both. I am heard and seen, and I am presenting me on stage and in films. When I moved to LA, joined an acting class with a friend and it lead to my first TV role, Power Rangers, I was focusing on my music at the time, but in the end, I added acting to my career.

Art of Songwriting: When I am writing songs, I am pushing the envelope. I am pushing my art to a different level. Life inspired me to write songs because it’s based on things that took place in my life. Also, I write songs based on other’s people experiences and just record things that inspire me as a person. Then, I let it manifest on its own.

TV Show, Saints + Sinners: I was approached by the producer of the show because he knows I can sing and act. I was asked to play Miles Calloway, a musician who feels like he must choose between Gospel and R&B. He is in love with two women: his wife and mistress. I am able to play Miles on the show based on my own life experiences. In life, we’re always making decisions, and we can’t make them lightly.

The movie, Dreamgirls — A Career Booster: Dreamgirls boosted my career because it was a BIG project. It was the benchmark of my career. I was in the movie with talented people: Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, and Jennifer Hudson. I was featured on six songs on the soundtrack; it was a pleasant time. All the cast worked together respectfully, and it was a healthy relationship. It was a project that I’m still proud of years later.

Favorite Movie Feature: I have favorite movies for different reasons. But, I would have to say, Cru. It was an independent film I did back in 2014, and it allowed me to spread my wings as an actor. I’m just glad to be working as an actor.

Balancing Professional and Personal Life: You have to STAY IN PRAYER! My spiritual foundation is present. You can’t get caught up in the hype because it’s only here temporarily. I am just steady grinding; remain humble, and just keep myself intact all the way.

Future Collaborations & Projects: There are a lot of people I want to collaborate with musically: Pharrell, Sting, Andre 3000, tons of people. B) Well, I’m working on the album, another mixtape, a 12-minute short film, The Greener Grass Experiment. It’s about a man who decided to end his relationship, but then he realizes the grass is not always greener on the other side. I’m also in a few other films, Gang Land, Products of the American Ghetto, and Set Life Cali. I just want to produce, create music, and be featured in more films.

Keys to Success: I think what makes someone successful is having peace of mind. Happiness comes from within; you have to figure out what makes you happy. You have to be happy where you’re at in your life. And if you’re not happy, it’s up to you to make a change.