K. Michelle Spills Her Truth in New Single “Kim K”

K. Michelle gives no f*cks as she speaks her truth on the socially-charged new offering, “Kim K,” a record that harps on the privileges of other races in comparison to African-Americans, especially black women. The raw and painstaking song is not a hostile letter against white people, instead, it highlights the obstacles that black women are up against, even with their own race.

“Wuzzup with all you black women? / I date a black man named Idris / You say ‘[I’m] ghetto, he trippin,'” she sings. “You’d rather him with white women / How you don’t like me, no / When you just like me, oh!”

She later adds on the chorus: “Wish I could be a Kardashian so I could be black / They ask if it’s real, I say it’s real fat / Don’t get caught up in facts ’cause ain’t shit real / And ain’t shit funny, so fuck how you feel!”

“Kim K” follows the previously released songs “Birthday,” “Either Way,” featuring Chris Brown, and “Make This Song Cry.”

K. Michelle’s much-anticipated upcoming fourth studio album, ‘Kimberly: The People I Used To Know,’ the follow-up to 2016’s ‘More Issues Than Vogue,’ is due out December 5th.  The 21-track LP is pegged as one of K. Michelle’s “most intimate projects yet, as she dives deeper into her personal journey and those who have impacted it along the way.”

Listen to “Kim K” below:


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