K. Michelle is at her best when she’s singing powerful and emotional songs and her new single, “Make This Song Cry,” falls right in the mix. On the track, the singer/songwriter vocally punches listener’s in the gut while pulling on the heartstrings as she delivers soaring and polished riffs about enduring heartache and pain.

“I’ma make this song cry / Never let a ni**a see me cry,” K. Michelle declares on the track, which pulls from Jay Z’s classic hit “Song Cry” by way of Bobby Glenn’s “Sounds Like A Love Song.”

“My new album @thepeopleiusedtoknow is really amazing,” she wrote on Instagram. “it took long enough huh? While you wait rock 2 my new single.”

“Make This Song Cry” follows the previously released songs “Either Way,” featuring Chris Brown, and “Birthday,” which will all appear on Michelle’s upcoming fourth studio album, ‘The People I Used to Know,’ the follow-up to her 2016 offering, ‘More Issues Than Vogue.’

A day go, K. Michelle revealed a 22-song lengthy track listing from the pending project.

K. Michelle previously explained the creative process around the new LP.

“I never forget. I get quiet, not dumb. The agendas of others will be the downfall of them, especially when it comes to me,” she says. “@thepeopleiusedtoknow an album of the true stories that have shaped me and made me tough. A very reflective look but shockingly positive commentary.”

A release date is currently unknown for the LP!