EXCLUSIVE: Day26 Talks Reunion, New Album, Relationship Status, Poppn’ DM, Regrets, More

2017 marks ten years since the arrival of R&B group Day26. The band was formed back in 2007 after Sean “Diddy” Combs handpicked the five members, Robert Curry, Brian Angel, Willie Taylor, Qwanell Mosley, and Michael McCluney, for the MTV show, ‘Making the Band 4.’ The group released two albums, a self-titled project in 2008 and 2009’s Forever in a Day before halting in 2012.

After a short break-up, and several individual projects, the group reunited and returned to the stage in 2014. The also released a single called “Bullsh*t” and ‘The Return EP’ in 2014, which also included a cover of Silk’s “Lose Control.”

Fast forward to the present, the group is still selling out shows, while individual members continue to push their solo careers. With plans of releasing their third studio album, and touring continuously, this time around Robert, Brian, Que, Big Mike, and Willie think they have the formula to be successful — real R&B music with everyone playing their true role.

Singersroom’s JusMusic caught up with the band, minus Willie Taylor, and they chatted about their reunion and fresh outlook on music and business.

Singersroom: In today’s music business, artists are here today and gone tomorrow. How does it feel to celebrate ten years as a group and as artists?

Brian: It’s truly a blessing, especially to still be relevant. Sh*t, we’re selling out shows, so that definitely says something.

Robert: To still have our fans and our fan base behind us, supporting us, buys those tickets and come to the meet and greets, it’s just amazing, you couldn’t ask for anything more. There are people getting their songs played on the radio a million times and can’t sell out shows, and we’re selling out. We haven’t had a song out in a hundred thousand years [laughs], so God is good.

Brian: Hey, we ain’t that old ni**a! [laughs]

SR: What is it like today for the group and each individual members?

Big Mike: Life is great. Life has been great since we all got back together and even before. We’re back together, we’re setting up the tour, and the fans are very receptive, and that’s an awesome and grateful feeling. It shows that we’ve put in enough work to have our fans still want to rock with us. It’s also great that we can get together and put a new package and project together because they want that. Outside of that, life has been very good to me. I’ve learned a lot, I’ve grown a lot, and I’ve thrust myself into better positions in business, life, and in relationships.

Robert: Big Mike’s answer was real structured and positive, but I’ma just get right to the cut. Ladies, ladies, ladies, ladies, that’s it man; I can’t get these girls off my phone, my DM, my everything man. My DM is poppin’ dawg; I’m just telling you. But life has been good, family is good, I’ve been writing and producing, and doing a lot of plays and stuff like that, but mostly it’s just these ladies man.

Brian: You stupid [laughs]. For me, I’m not gonna sugar coat sh*t; life has been life. We all have our ups and downs, and I’ve definitely experienced both. I’m currently finishing up my solo project as well as doing the group project. Overall though, life has been good, being a father, a group member, a solo artist, being a man. I’m thankful because God is good and God is around me. Life is not promised to anybody!

Que: Life has been very good; I’m working on my solo project as well. It’s just been a blessing.

So, who in the group is still single and who has settled down?

Robert: This is Robert Curry, and I’ll be the first to say I’m single and I’m ready to mingle. [Gives Instagram and Facebook profiles] Ladies, if you’re looking for your boy, he right here. I answer, I talk back, all that. We could send freaky pics, all that stuff.

Rest of group: Hey! Wow, wow, wow!

Robert: All the people screaming hey, those are all the people with girlfriends. Single men talk like I’m talking [laughs].

Big Mike: I’m still single… If you ain’t married, you single.

Brian: Yeah, so am I.

Que: We all mingling. I’m single as well.

Group: Except for Willie… We know Willie ain’t mingling nowhere or Shonda will whoop that ass.


SR: As you look back over your career, do you have any regrets, or would you change anything?

Brian: I honestly would have to say no regrets. With every situation, we’ve all learned and grown from it. I believe the way things happen is the way God saw fit for it to happen. We were supposed to mature the way we’ve matured, grow the way we’ve grown, and be here at this moment in time, as a group, as men, and sitting here talking to you.

Big Mike: I’m not going to say I don’t have any regrets because I don’t regret too much, but I wish that we would have done some things differently beforehand, instead of going through it and learning from it after. But we have an opportunity to do it again, so we’re making sure we’re doing it right this time. That, I’m happy about.

Robert: Kind of what Brian said; I wouldn’t change anything. Even our downfall put us in a place in the game where we kind of had to get in front of our situation. A lot of artists that are ran by a big machines are spoiled already. For us, being in the position that we are right now, it’s teaching us another level in the game and puts us in a position to create more opportunities. We have to take all the bad with the good.

SR: What kind of statement are you looking to make with your upcoming third album?

Robert: We have one certain type of fans, and that’s fans that love real music. That’s one thing we’re never gonna let fall to the waste side. No matter what style of music comes along, you’re always going to be able to respect Day26 for putting out real music. It’s gonna soothe your ears, it’s gonna make you want to have sex, it’s gonna make you want to be mad, it’s gonna make you want to be happy, it’s gonna make you hit the club because we’re gonna sing it for real. That’s not a knock on anyone else; I just know we stay in our lane. We’ve been away doing our solo thing, and now that we’re back together as a group, we’re still selling out shows, so that’s when you know we’re creating great music.

SR: Where are you guys currently at in the project’s creative process?

Brian: We’re about twelve songs picked, but we’re nowhere near for what we consider an album. We usually record a plethora of records to choose from. Speaking for myself, I’m really excited about the process and the progress so far. I’m really looking forward to digging deeper into the album.

Que: The album is going to be fire though.

SR: It seems like a difficult era for groups, how do you guys weather the storms and the financial burdens and everything else that comes with a group?

Robert: We got the formula; you don’t share that with everybody.

Brian: We got Big Mike dammit! He’s the guru of all business gurus.

Robert: Big Mike ain’t letting nothing slip.

Brian: He makes sure that everything is what it’s supposed to be and to where it all makes sense.

SR: Big Mike, how do you hold the group together?

Big Mike: I just try to do what I’m supposed to do. God gave me a vision, and I found my place in what I wanted to do outside of being a singer and performer. I was able to create a company, and through that company, I’m able to touch people and help them grow. With the group, I just try to take what I already do and help in any way I can, and make sure, we as a group, get everything we deserve.

Robert: Seriously though, Mike has been very pivotal in the business end of what we’re doing right now. He stepped up his game, and it’s an area that we have to respect him in that we didn’t even know until now. Everybody in this group has learned from what we’ve been through, and now, each individual person is bringing to life what they actually gravitated to. We got everything we need right here!

SR: So, break down the dynamics of the group. Who plays what role?

Brian: Mike has grown into the business mind of who we are right now. Rob’s pen is crazy, Willie’s pen is crazy; as far as writing, those two definitely bring an amazing element to the group. Que is like the heart and soul of the group, he brings that young, vibrant feeling. As for me, I’m just crazy!

Robert: Brian brings vocal prowess, and he challenges us to be great.

Big Mike: We all give something different, depending on the circumstance. Your role can change easily in this group. We all adjust to make sure we ain’t out here looking crazy.

Robert: The thing about having five members in a group is it’s always a democracy. You can never get your own way. All decisions come down to the majority; you have to do it like that.

SR: Seems like as members you guys have a good rapport with each other. These days, you can’t really rock with soft skin or sensitive people.

Brian: In the beginning, we were at the learning point of each other, but at this point, we know each other like we’re brothers, so we pretty much know how to handle each other, so there’s no sensitivity.

SR: So, walk us through the next six months to a year from the group.

Big Mike: You can expect a new project. You can expect a tour, a lot of spot dates. We’re in the works of a few tours as we plan to take Day26 to all the cities that the fans want to see us.

SR: Do you guys plan to continue the independent route or are you looking for a major label deal?

Big Mike: We have offers to do a couple of things, but it gotta make sense. If the machine wanted to come in and be apart of it… as long as the numbers make sense, we’re open to everything. But, we’re going to be independent until someone brings something our way that makes sense for all five of us. For now, we’re taking all the financial burdens ourselves as we work on getting great products out to the fans.

What message do you want to leave your fans?

Day26: Thank you so much for supporting us over the years. We love every single one of y’all. Stay awesome; we can’t wait to come to a city near you.


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