EXCLUSIVE: Tank Talks New Album ‘Savage,’ Touring, Aaliyah’s Blueprint, Acting, More

Many people, especially the ladies, are familiar with Tank based on his good looks, muscular physique, and last but not least, his soulful voice. Over the last two decades, the R&B veteran released several hits including, “Please Don’t Go,” “Heartbreaker,” “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” “You Don’t Know,” and his signature hit, “Maybe I Deserve.” He also collaborated with some heavy hitters in the game including Wale, Chris Brown, Ginuwine, Tyrese, Jon B, Trey Songz, and the late Aaliyah. Along with singing, Tank is known for his songwriting talent. His body of work exemplifies originality and creativity as he continues to step out of the box musically. He steers an explosive situation into calmer waters with his music.

In 2017, Tank continues to release new music, including the monster single, “When We,” which entices listeners to enjoy a nightcap in the bedroom. The record is a single for the grown and sexy, who are not afraid to be vigorous. Also, Tank has been on the road introducing his new album, Savage, to the world. Recently, he brought the trek to a sold-out crowd at the B.B King Blues Club in New York City, and Singersroom caught up with the Grammy-nominated superstar after the show to discuss his new project, touring, songwriting, acting, and life in general. Check it out!

New Album – Savage: With the Savage album, we’re picking up from where we left off from ‘Sex, Love, & Pain II.’ It’s like the f***kin with moments that everyone gravitates to while completing the project. I wanted the new record to be more aggressive and change up the sound a little bit. When we dropped ‘Sex, Love, and Pain II,’ the response was crazy. We said, “How about we create an album that emulates this sound.” It needed to have that aggressive energy that everyone will enjoy while listening to the album. We were definitely like savages while working on the album and it was the best foot forward. The music gives you an R&B moment where you can have those fierce moments. The ballads are even aggressive, whether it’s lyrically or by sound. It will stay in that savage realm.

Songwriting Process for “When We,” and Other Songs: It was free. When I’m writing, I try to have a free place where I’m not considering a lot. I’m not thinking about radio or anything. I’m just getting my thoughts out on paper. I’m saying it the way I want to say it or singing it my way. In the middle of recording the session, we shifted gears because the music was so aggressive. But, we stayed in that space because it was naturally happening. I didn’t want to be soft; I didn’t want to be all R&B with it at all. I was writing the way I felt and just wanted to be aggressive. It feels tough; There has a f**k feel to the sound. Just say it and let the people decide about the music. People are speaking.

Collaborators for Savage: We have Candice Boyd, J. Valentine, Ludacris, and Trey Songz. I worked with different producers: Da Internz, Harmony Samuels, Cardiak, Slick, and Donte. It’s a group of great people, and they knew what I needed for this project. It just came together, and we weren’t searching for a whole lot; the right music was coming. We had the right melody and subject matter.


Aaliyah’s Legacy: When you talk about female R&B artists in the game, they’re trying to make their mark. They want to follow the Aaliyah blueprint. They want to be good at everything. They want to sing, dance, act, and the branding. They want all of it. Aaliyah had all of these things going for her at a high level. Once Aaliyah put it out there, it’s like you can be a movie star, have your face featured with a cosmetic line, and be a platinum recording artist. Aaliyah showed females that you can have an edge, get your tomboy on too. She put the energy out there and it didn’t go anywhere. Those are the attributes we appreciate from female artists.

Savage Tour Live: You want to give people the moments they’re looking for at a concert. It’s a promo tour for the ‘Savage’ album. We started touring on September 5th, and we started going door to door on this one. We’re asking people if they’re going to be around for the occasion. I have a new album coming on the 29th, check it out. We took the old school approach to build the album. We want people to be there when the album drops on Friday. The tour is going to be aggressive, but we will have the heartfelt and sexy moments.

Acting Roles in the Future: Acting is what I love to do so yes, but, I’m finding my groove. Acting is fun, but it’s still fresh. I’ve been making music for so long, and I know where I am musically. But, with acting, I feel I’m at the beginning stage. I feel like a baby, and I have so much more to accomplish. I have so much more to learn, so it’s like going back to school again. I have a new passion, but it’s competitive. You arrive at the auditions, and there are guys auditioning for the same role. I have the adrenaline rush, and it’s pretty cool. We’re pushing, and we have a few things in the works in 2018.

Transformed as a Singer & Man: I think the evolution is just natural. There is a difference from when you were a rookie to your tenth year, twelfth year, or fifteenth year. You understand the game better and make adjustments. The music industry is ever-changing, but I’m pushing the line with the things that are happening in R&B music. You have to understand “your game,” and “the game.” You have to play your position with a certain kind of maturity level. At this point, I understand I can do anything I want to do, and that’s how I rock. I went from overthinking to being fully confident, doing me.

Tank’s “Savage Tour” ends on September 27th. The Atlantic Records recording artist’s eighth studio album hit stores on Friday, September 29th.