Omarion Goes To Japan In Short Film ‘W4W’

First, Omarion took us to the motherland in the videos for “Distance” and “Bdy On Me,” for for his newest single “W4W (Word 4 Word), he heads to Japan in an 8-minute short film/video.

Directed by Deji LaRay and O himself, the clip sees the crooner journeying and dancing “somewhere in Japan,” taking in the sites and historical architecture. At one point, while dancing in a serene koi garden, a portal opens and Omarion walks through. His self-discovery journey continues with a sword fight and kendo martial art.

“They have masters in kendo, called a dan, and the highest level is like a dan ten,” he told  Complex. “But you can’t even really start to become a dan until you’re like 40 years old. And it teaches you about yourself. The strikes are personal; a strike is supposed to reflect who you are as a person. Some of that culture is in the video and it mirrors the lyrics of ‘Word for Word.’”

“W4W” is from Omarion’s fifth album Reasons, the release date which is still up in the air.


Watch below: