Candice Glover Talks Life After ‘American Idol,’ Being An Indie Artist, Sophomore Album, Staying True & More

Candice Glover won the twelfth season of “American Idol” in 2013. During her tenure on the show, the Beaufort, South Carolina-native brought both the audience and judges to their feet on multiple occasions due to her soulful renditions of various covers. In 2014, she released her debut album Music Speaks via Interscope, with her first single being the emotional ballad, “Cried.”

Now three years later, the powerhouse is ready to show the world once more her vocal chops and songwriting abilities via her yet-to-be-titled sophomore offering, with its first single being the emotional song “My Mistake.” This time around, Glover is stepping out as an indie artist without the “big machine” ordering her steps.

She recently spoke with us about the single and forthcoming album, and how she plans on taking charge of her career.

Check it out below!

How’s life after “American Idol”?

Life after American Idol has been great! I’m sill doing what I love which is traveling the world and performing for the fans. That’s what continues to make me happy. It’s what’s in my heart and what I love.

What lessons from the show have you carried over into this stage of your career?

I have learned that being true to yourself is the BEST thing you could do, no matter the situation. Authenticity goes a long way not only for others but for yourself.

Your new single “My Mistake” is very relatable. Was writing it therapeutic?

It was definitely a process, and it’s always good to get your true and raw emotions out on paper and better yet, sing a song about it. This song was actually written by Anesha Birchett who co-wrote on my debut album Music Speaks. This song is truly one that speaks to my own experience and is relatable to others as well.

Tell us about your forthcoming sophomore album.

The album definitely talks about life, love, heartbreak and just so many raw things we go through while “living.” On this album, I am really sharing with everyone sides of my life they don’t typically get to see. I want people to really get to know the real me this time. I hope others will relate and be inspired by it.

Your first album Music Speaks was on a major label (Interscope), now your sophomore effort will be released independently. How’s your experience being an independent artist?

This so far has really been a positive thing. This time around I get to do things my way. I can really focus on singing from my heart and soul. I can sing the lyrics that I want to sing. I really hope to connect with fans without money being the driving force, rather the music.

What do you think about the state of R&B music right now?

R&B is so special. People may think the importance of R&B music has died down in the last few years, but I think there’s something about R&B that will never die. R&B music has soul and depth. It comes from a special place, and it’s not much else that gives that same feeling.

How do you plan to make a name for yourself in the music industry? What sets you apart?

I plan to do that by being myself from here on out. From being an island girl to just a relatable artist and writer. I want to impact the world with lyrics that relate to others because music is therapeutic, therapeutic to write and listen to.

Along with the release of your project, what are your future plans?

I plan to continue traveling and reaching out to people through my music. My neighbor literally expressed to me recently the feeling she gets listening to “Candice Glover’s” music, without knowing it was me. That’s the feeling I want to give people for eternity. Music is one of the best gateways to your feelings and emotions, and as a psychology major, I feel that there are many ways to reach the mind and the heart. I was given the gift of music, and that is how I want to help heal the world…especially in the times of today.