Step In The Name Of Leela James’ New Soulful Offering ‘I Remember’

From her forthcoming album Did It For Love, soul singer Leela James shines on her new offering ” I Remember.”

On the soulful mid-tempo groove (which follows “Don’t Want You Back,” “All Over Again,” and “Hard For Me“), James sings words of nostalgia as she recalls loving  moments between her and a former lover.

On the song (which is perfect for grabbing a dance partner for steppin’), she recalls, “I remember how you used to say you love me / I remember how it felt when you would touch me / All I have is memories of what we used to be / I remember babe,” she sings on chorus.

Stream below:

Leela’s forthcoming album, Did It For Love, is slated for release on March 31st.

Purchase the single and pre-order the album on iTunes HERE.