[EXCLUSIVE] Former OMG Girlz Member Bahja Rodriguez Talks Going Solo, Missing The Group, Debut EP, Maturing, More

Going solo seems to agree with Bahja Rodriguez as she appears to be having a blast. Young, yet mature for her age, she really seems to know what she wants and is determined to succeed. On her debut EP, It Gets Better, Bahja plays the role of both singer and songwriter, proving she means business while making a statement that she can become successful on her own.

Coming from a musical family, the 20-year-old’s path to musical stardom seems bright; She shared her future plans, inspirations, creative process, and more with Singersroom via a quick email interview.

Get to know Bahja!

What’s life like after the OMG Girlz? Do you miss the group or are you happier as a solo artist?

My life after being an OMG Girl is fun. I love being my own artist. I miss it sometimes, but I still see the girls a lot.

Your sound is more known from the group. As a solo artist, has that changed? How do you stand out on your own?

I think my sound is definitely more mature. I now write and have a part in all creative processes; I had to grow it up a lot.

Who (people or artist) or what inspires you musically?

Musically, I would say, Brandy, Monica, Lauryn [Hill], Faith [Evans], I love Solange, and of course Queen B [Beyonce].

Is singing something you inherited or are you a first-generation singer?

I believe I inherited it. My father sings, but quite a few family members on my mother’s side sing as well. I certainly have a musical background.

What statement did you want to make with the ‘It Gets Better’ EP?

For me, ‘It Gets Better‘ was my introduction to the world, and I wanted to show people that I was a serious artist and that this was something I was passionate about.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future? Any dream collaborations?

I would love to work with Solange; she’s at the top of my list. I also want to work with Eric Bellinger too and just all of the fire songwriters I listen to.

What kind of music do you listen to at home?

I really listen to everything when I come home. I’m not genre specific so anything or anybody that sounds good; my ears are always open.

What’s your creative process?

I always come to the studio and have a cup of tea before starting lol. I’ll sit and vibe with the best and then I either start writing, or I go in and lay down melodies. I’ll write to those melodies. So it goes either way, depending on how I feel.

You’re very young. Has this always been something you wanted to do?

Yes, I’ve always wanted to do make music. Ever since I could remember, this is all I’ve wanted to do.

What’s your five-year plan as an artist and brand?

My 5-year plan is just to overall expand my brand so that it’s not just music; merchandise, etc. I also want to be on the covers of magazines doing exclusive interviews. I also plan to be on my second world tour. I’d say the future is pretty bright.

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