7 02, 2017

[EXCLUSIVE] Former OMG Girlz Member Bahja Rodriguez Talks Going Solo, Missing The Group, Debut EP, Maturing, More

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Going solo seems to agree with Bahja Rodriguez as she appears to be having a blast. Young, yet mature for her age, she really seems to know what she wants and is determined to succeed.

28 02, 2016

Bahja Rodriguez Is On To The The ‘Next One’

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Following her debut solo EP "It Gets Better," former OMG Girlz member Bahja Rodriguez (Beauty) unleashed the video for her buzz single “Next One,” a short reminder to her man to treat her right or else she’ll seek out someone who can. The clip features Bahja going out for a night on the town as she moves on, completely owning the club!

22 11, 2015

Former OMG Girl Bahja Rodriguez Drops Solo EP ‘It Gets Better’

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After dropping the buzz singles “Next One,” “Jealous Type” and “Lipstick” over the summer, former OMG Girl Bahja Rodriguez drops her solo EP It Gets Better.