Atlanta-Native Shaun B Talks ATL Influences, ‘Cocaine In The Evening’ EP, Being Vulnerable, More

Rising East Atlanta-based artist Shaun B merges hip-hop and R&B into an updated, smooth, sensual sound reminiscent of where he hails from: the same place as both rapper Gucci Mane and crooner Lloyd.

In 2016, he dropped his debut project Cocaine in the Morning, and on Feb. 10th, he’ll follow it up with Cocaine in the Evening, headed by the first offering “Vacay” and second joint “Catch A Vibe.” 

Shaun answered a quick Q&A with Singersroom: Check it below!

Would you say growing up in East ATL contributed to your pursuit of music? How so?

Growing up in East Atlanta definitely contributed to me pursuing my music career. When I was in high-school, it was inspiring to see my classmates make music and performing it at skating rings and teen clubs. It was great to see someone you looked up to on stage stuck in Calculus class with you lol. I didn’t start really mastering singing until later, but the confidence I felt from being from on my side of town makes me never question my creativity anymore. I’m from East Atlanta, home of Gucci, home of Lloyd. I guess it made me make sure I came with the real.

How would you describe your music?

I would describe my music as vulnerable and human. I learned a long time ago my music was way better if it came from my reality than fantasy. I try not to focus on formats and the typical if it’s relatable to me I make it and just hope the world will enjoy it too but for sure never do it the other way around.

Tell us about your single “Vacay.”

“Vacay” was just a personal story I put on a record. I was going through certain disagreements with a woman I was fond of at the time and just tried to explain my perspective on the song because she wasn’t trying to hear anything I had to say. Made me want just to pick her up, pack some bags, and get away. That’s why I named it “Vacay”: that’s what I thought we needed at the time.

Tell us about your upcoming EP Cocaine In The Evening.

Cocaine in the Evening is a very personal love story told through the lens of a guy in his twenties living in a city where the ratio is 20 women to 1 man. Just expressing my experiences (whether good or bad) in a melodic form, thanks to the help of all my executive producers SlowKings, Lokey and Cam Kirk. I can’t wait for the world to hear it.

How does it compare to the previous Cocaine In The Morning EP?

It’s a lot more personal and filled with substance. I believe with my first album; I was still trying to find myself as an artist. I’m a lot closer to the artist I want to be right now.

Any shows coming up for you?

I’ll be performing at Reunion Music Fest in Atlanta and probably doing an intimate performance for the album release in February. The location is yet to be announced, though.