August Alsina – Wait

While he laid low last year, 2017 is looking to see more of August Alsina in the spotlight. Last week, he announced he’s working on a forthcoming album, that which features the title track “Drugs,” and the accompanying video dropped just yesterday.

He’s wasting no time dropping a follow-up called “Wait,” a smooth R&B groove that urges a love interest to move on because he doesn’t guarantee he’ll be there for her. BUT, he does want her to wait in the end. I know, ladies…confusing.

“If you gotta leave / girl, I won’t stop you so do what you gotta do / I don’t want you to go / But I got a few things in life that I gotta do / I’m not telling you to wait on me, but I’m hoping that you wait,” he sings on the chorus.



Purchase “Wait” on iTunes HERE.