David Wayne – Twisted

Baltimore-raised, NYC-based crooner David Wayne drops his single “Twisted,” the lead offering for his upcoming 2017 EP which he coins as a “rebranding project.”

Wayne typically finds comfort in smooth R&B crooning with a serious undertone, but his new sound lightens up the tone and explores a much more energetic and fun vibe while showcasing David’s growth: “Twisted” is a manifestation of that, as the song bounces along to a Young Cali-feel with smooth, underlying chords and club-ready lyrics.

“I’m twisted, I’m drunk / I’m tryna get f*cked up,” he sings on the hook.

Stream below:



After taking a break from choir to participate in his high school track team he gravitated back to music after the untimely passing of Michael Jackson. Witnessing how Michael’s music shaped and changed the world had a huge impact on David and from that moment he knew that music was his calling. Starting with just a laptop and a microphone David taught himself how to record and mix his own music which led to the release of his 2011 self-recorded EP, Journey 

Purchase “Twisted” on iTunes HERE.