Open Your Heart! BET Music Matters Artist Ashley Kimbrae Is ‘Ready For Love’

BET Music Matter artist Ashley Kimbrae is back with the new single “Ready For Love,” teaming up with Maulik “Gumbo” Smith of SoufWest Productions.

It’s a feel-good groove about being able to finally open your heart to love after having it guarded for so long.

“‘Ready For Love’ is about being open and vulnerable with someone, just truly being yourself and allowing that person that to love you the way you should be,” says Kimbrae.



Ashley’s resume include receiving props from Nelly, Joe Jonas, Gloria Estefan, and John Rich as a semi-finalist on The CW Networks’ “The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep” music competition. She performed on BET’s Music Matters Stage and her debut single, 2010’s “Drop 64,” earned her spins on MTV.

The Dallas-native once interned for Beyoncé’s father, Matthew Knowles, and was featured on the BET Music Matters Compilation album for her single “Touch”, produced and co-written by Maulik “Gumbo” Smith.