L.A.-Based Savoy Ellis Will Make You ‘Say Yea’

Cali singer/songwriter Savoy Ellis wants you to “Say Yea” to his newest single, a lush, melodic sound  we haven’t heard in a while in R&B.

The airy warmth in Ellis’ vocals along with the opening strings and warm chords will keep your ears plastered. On the song, Savoy tries to convince a love interest to commit to a life with him.

“I’m a man, not a boy so baby girl don’t play with my heart / You’ve been dealing with these lames too long, let me change that part,” he promises on the second verse.


After getting his degree in English, Ellis started songwriting for L.A. Artists, along with taking piano lessons to hone his musicality.

Savoy has written songs for artists such as Pop recording artist Demi Grace, who is signed to Hitman Records/Universal Music Group Canada. In 2012, Savoy collaborated with rapper Arkaydion, singing the hooks on the smash singles “Prettiest Girls in the World” and “What She Wants” which was featured on Arkaydion’s album “Bang”. Following the success of those two singles, Savoy started working on his solo material. On his newest project, Savoy is working with a list of talented producers and songwriters including singer/songwriter Misha’el, and producers K12 and Emily Keith.