‘Formation’ Tour Crane Operator Wishes Harm On Beyonce; The Beyhive Swarms, He Apologizes

A crane operator named Austin Zamora was under fire by the Beyhive Thursday night (May 12) when he made a statement in agreement to harm Beyonce.

According to TMZ, Zamora posted a video of his work on his IG page as he set up lights for Bey’s San Diego concert when someone wrote under his post “Badass… But make it so it collapses on her.” Zamora replied, “I wish it would.”

That set the Beyhive off!

The hive found out what company he works for and posted the info on social media for the rest of the hive to flood their phone lines with nasty calls and death threats. As it turns out, he works for his family’s business, and his mother is angry because Zamora is just an “independent subcontractor” for the company that set up the concert’s lights, so her business had nothing to do with the concert. She defended her son’s comments, saying they were “five words he didn’t even mean.”

He’s since apologized to her family and fans (below).




A mess!  SMH