Rapper Future Countersues Ciara, Singer Skips Over His Name While Announcing Billboard Award Nominees

The Ciara/Future drama continues…

In February, Ciara filed a $15 million lawsuit against her ex-fiancé rapper Future for saying some not-so-nice things about her on social media and for trying to ruin her image ever since they broke up and she started dating Russell Wilson.

Now, according to The Jasmine Brand, the rapper has filed a countersuit stating he couldn’t possibly ruin her reputation because “she’s washed up.” He even calls her last album “a flop” in the documents, and that she hasn’t won any awards since 2013.

This tidbit of bad blood comes after Ciara refused to say Future’s name as a nominee while announcing Billboard Award nominations with rapper Ludacris on “Good Morning America.”

Ouch! Do you think these two ever be able to civilly co-parent?