Coolest Teacher Ever! 7th Graders Learn Geometry To Beyonce’s ‘Formation’

Ever notice how kids know songs on the radio but don’t know their multiplication tables or spelling words? Kids are like sponges when it comes to soaking up everything they hear…except what they learn in school.

A New Orleans teacher named Ciera Paul decided to use Beyonce’s newest song “Formation” to teach her students geometry. In the clip below, her class explains how to calculate the circumference and area of a circle to the melody of “Formation.” What a good way to retain in-formation! (couldn’t resist the pun!)

Paul, who shared the video on her Facebook pace, told ABC News her students practiced this song and routine for two weeks,  five minutes per day before she filming the performance.

“It’s just something out of the box that the kids can relate to,” she said. “The kids are looking for something that’s fun and enjoyable and adding a little song or dance makes [the lesson] more memorable for them.”

Check it out below: