Yuna & Usher Collab On The Slow Burner, ‘Crush’

Following Yuna’s hip-hop-infused single “Places To Go,” she turns the tempo down a notch with Usher on the warm, fuzzy romancer, “Crush.”

On the soft groove, Yuna and Usher sing to each other as potential love interests. “I feel a little rush, I think I have a little crush on you  / I hope that’s not too much, but boy when I’m with you / I hear my heart singing, la la la la la la la la la,” they sing on the chorus.

Yuna told Hitz FM in October, “I met up with [Usher] about a year ago and we did not talk about any collaborations. When I was recording my new album, I had this one song and I had an idea…We sent it over to him and we didn’t hear anything back for like two months…and then I got an e-mail from him and it was a recorded song of him on the song already, all mixed, all done.”

You may be playing or humming this for the rest of the day…