Jacob Latimore Continues To Show Growth With New Single ‘Remember Me’

Now an indie artist, Jacob Latimore continues to establish his mature sound with the release of his latest single, “Remember Me”. The song’s vintage, 80s track sets the tone for his lyrics about the confidence he feels that he can still put the fire into an old love.

“You ain’t going nowhere / It used to be us, young in love, let’s take it back right now / You ain’t going nowhere, you’re still mine, your eyes don’t lie / Remember lovin’ me, I still can light your fire,” he sings on the second verse into the chorus.

“Remember Me” premiered on Ebro Darden’s Beats1 radio show and quickly climbed to #35 on the iTunes R&B/Soul chartsTo date, this will be Jacobs highest chart peak in his career. 

 Ever since going indie, it seems Jacob has hit his stride; he’s rising on the charts and feeling confident in what’s to come. “I feel like a new artist, I am 19 years old, I found my pocket, I’m recording some great records!,” he says. “I fell in love with ‘Remember Me’ because it felt timeless, from the melodies to the lyrics, if Mike [Jackson] was alive I believe he would love it. When Beyonce hears it, she’s going to love it too, lol! Anybody that loves “good” music will understand what I’m saying when they hear this.”

“Remember Me” follows the release of “Climb” last month, and is the second installment from his upcoming EP, which should release in the coming months.