Milwaukee Artist Klassik Offers Smooth Freestyle ‘Can’t Be’

Milwaukee, WI artist Klassik drops a freestyle called “Can't Be. (Her Freestyle)” that’s just too smooth for your eardrums. And to prove his talent, this six-minute song and all its effects was recorded in one take simultaneously!

He explains, “I was listening to dozen of random 90's R&B albums the other day; stumbled across this Montell Jordan deep cut. Flipped it immediately. Sampled my own background vocals from the VOICELIVE into Ableton. Recorded this all live in my bedroom. All effects, chops, singing, and vocals were done simultaneously, in one take. There was no post-production. No lyrics were written. I present to you a genuine #KLASSIK original,” he captions.

Klassik will perform at 1st Ward Events in Chicago on Jan. 8 with other artists Ishdarr, Websterx, Trappo, and Pizzle.

Impressive! Stream below: