Wallace – Negroni Eyes

After an impressive debut year, New Zealand-born, Australian-based future-soul singer Wallace has just released another supremely soulful track titled "Negroni Eyes."

Produced by Dave Rodriguez a.k.a Godriguez (who notably slices up old jazz standards to make new beats), the track appealed to the "jazz nerd" within Wallace. After asking Godriguez to have a play around with one of her favorite instrumental jazz tunes, “Nardis” by Miles Davis, “Negroni Eyes” was born.

"The lyric imagery in ‘Negroni Eyes’ was inspired by a Frida Kahlo quote I saw scrawled in chalk on the wall of a Mexican restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand", says Wallace.

The quote in question reads, "I drank to drown my sorrows, but the damned things learned how to swim."

"My mind conjured up an image of a person knee-deep, wading through alcohol inside their own brain, searching for the cause of the flood all the while knowing that they, themselves are to blame. I guess in a way it's an ode to vices and their ability to mask problems," Wallace explains.

"Negroni Eyes" follows the previously-released single "Vinyl Skip." Purchase "Negroni Eyes" on Bandcamp above.