[Premiere] Danielle Parente – Make It Rain

Today, Brooklyn-based artist Danielle Parente gives us the premiere of her new video, "Make It Rain," from her latest album, Dark Eyes.

The album, Dark Eyes, is a journey through a romantic relationship, starting with lust and seduction then the falling in love stage. Eventually, we come to the end, letting go but still having only love for that person.

Such as the case of “Make It Rain”– the Sage Atwood-produced song is about having an awareness of your ability to have power or influence over your surroundings. In the black and white clip, Danielle ventures around her Brooklyn hometown.

“Don’t hold on so tight sometimes you have to let it go / It will be alright just so long as you always know, I can make it rain, make it rain, make it rain all day,” she sings on the bridge.

After studying Fine Arts in Upstate New York, Danielle Parente switched gears and moved to New York City to attend the Institute of Audio Research, where she studied audio engineering and production. She began writing and pre-producing her original songs, which soon turned into her self-released debut album, 2011’s The Way That I Feel.

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