Prince always knows how to fuse R&B, funk, and rock together, case in point, his latest song “HARDROCKLOVER.” His band 3rdEyeGirl backs him up on this rock tune which has an R&B groove.

On the song, The Purple One compares his wailing guitar chords to screams of ecstasy from his lover. “Turn my guitar up/ So I can make this woman scream / Ain’t no rapper trying to be a singer/ Come on, make a move … "Sade and Babyface / R&B ain't got no place / Put some hard rock on / You better cover your ears 'cause you're 'bout to hear a woman just scream."

Yes, he did just minimize rhythm and blues. But being an R&B site, we won’t hold that against him, though, because this one grooves!

“HARDROCKLOVER" follows his tribute song “Baltimore” in honor of the people of the city in the wake of the death of Freddie Gray’s at the hands of police.