20 R&B Artists With Hit Singles or Albums After a Breakup

We all know breaking up is hard to do, especially if you wanted your relationship to work. But, with heartbreak comes inspiration!

Many R&B singers released some of their biggest singles after a breakup or a volatile split. These gifted talents channel their pain and despair into their music, giving themselves and their listeners a new antidote to overcome heartbreak. But, not only are these songs healing remedies, they have skyrocketed up the charts.

Everyone has endured pain, suffering, and grief in their life and what better way to hear it than from groundbreaking artists. It is also great to see your favorite singer make a huge comeback in music after all of the adversity they've gone through.

Singersroom captured 25 artists who have recorded chart-topping singles and/or albums after overcoming a dark period in their life. We couldn't list everyone, but feel free to comment and list other artists we should've added to the list.

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