Patti Labelle on Beyonce: That Little Heffa Knows How to Do It

Music legend Patti Labelle will go down as one of the most prolific entertainers in Soul/R&B music, and although she is thrilled with her accomplishments, she also identifies with some of today's stars for their hard work, and Beyonce is her favorite.

During a recent interview on The Real, LaBelle spoke proudly about Bey's work ethic and her commitment to her art.

"She's full of everything. She has energy, she has stamina, she knows how to sing, she knows how to move, and that little heffa, you could put her on stage for two hours and she'll do a two hour show," LaBelle says of Beyonce. She also relates to Bey's success, insisting, "If you're in it, you better win it."

Patti also have show host Tamar Braxton some vocal props, telling her, "Girl, you sing your face off."

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