BJ The Chicago Kid Takes On Aaliyah’s ‘One In A Million’

With the horrible reviews fans gave Lifetime’s Aaliyah movie last weekend, I guess BJ The Chicago Kid said “let me honor her in MY WAY!” Today he drops his smooth take on her hit “One In A Million,” and when I say it’s smooth, I mean smoooooth!

He starts off by doing a standard cover while he stands on a white room while her video plays. The song then shifts from a cover to BJ completely flipping the melody on the same track. His fellow Chicagoan R Kelly’s video “I Wish” plays while BJ rips Kelly's song "R&B Thug". And it doesn't end there! THEN, BJ effortlessly transitions to Jodeci's "Feenin" over the same track for a sweet mash up.

His mixtape M.A.F.E. is out now over at

Another cold one from The Chicago Kid. Peep game!