[EXCLUSIVE] Jagged Edge Talks New Vision, J.E. Heartbreak Sequel, The Need For R&B Groups, More

Jagged Edge is ready to show the world why R&B groups are necessary. Currently prepping a sequel to their 2000 multi-platinum selling album, J.E. Heartbreak, twins Brian and Brandon Casey, Richard Wingo and Kyle Norman feel like they can achieve a lot more, and with their new situation, the sky is the limit. Check out our sit down with the veteran group as they talk their new album, J.E. Heartbreak Too, the need for R&B groups, working with Jermaine Dupri, and more.

New Label, New vision: This is a new vision for us, we’re on a brand new record label… we were on other labels for years, and one of our biggest things was that we didn’t connect to nobody there… so if you put all that together with some good music, how can we lose?

J.E. Heartbreak Sequel: J.E. Heartbreak was our most successful album, we sold a few million records, and we felt like, in terms of where the music industry was at, with it being a lack of emotional music, with it being a lack of real singing, that an album like J.E. Heartbreak was necessary right now… Come to save the day!

Working with Jermaine Dupri Again: Like we never left, the energy has been immaculate.


Music Industry Success and Results: We’ll always be grateful, but we’ll never be content. When you are content, you might as well retire… It’s a lot we feel like we can achieve.

Possible Resurgence of R&B Groups: I don’t know if it will, but is it necessary, I think it is. This has been our art form, when I say our, I mean black people, in terms of quartets and trios, that’s something we’ve always been into, it’s been ours for so long. To see it just dissipate, I don’t think that’s good for the genre itself, and when I say genre I mean black music. I don’t know if there will be one, but there should be, we should do whatever we can to help it; that’s what this project does. It shows record labels that we still sell records, there’s still interest… its gratification in it.

New Single “Hope”: It’s just gonna open a lot of situation, not just for that lost woman, but for that lost brother… With this particular song, It’s going to bring back true emotions on how you could just rekindle.

[Listen: Jagged Edge – Hope]

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