Ariana Grande’s First EDM Track, Break Free, ‘Really Big Song For Summer’

Will Ariana Grande's new single, "Break Free," break records and become a major hit over the Summer?

Producer Zedd believes the song will catapulte Grande to a new level.

Telling MTV it will "be a really big song for the Summer," Zedd added that Grande sounds amazing on her first EDM song.

"It is a mix of her because she has a really special voice, and obviously you kinda of clearly hear me in the song, so I think it’s more unusual for her than it is for me ’cause I do this all the time,” says Zedd. “For her, I think it’s the first time she has made a song like that so she is really stoked about it.”

"Break Free" is due to premiere tomorrow, Wednesday, July 2.

Grande will also perform the song on "Total Ariana Live," which airs Wednesday on MTV.