Ledisi Talks Change In Music, New Album and Vision

Soulful singer Ledisi says her new album, "The Truth," is a product of a lot of growth and evolution.

Sitting down with The Wall Street Journal, Ledisi discussed the album and the state of R&B music recently.

"It's (R&B) in all kinds of music. It's a combination of R&B and pop mixed together. Other artists are doing it and naming it Pop. I'm not in to labels. I just do what I do and then let others label it. Back in the day Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, they all did a combination of music and combined R&B with it. It's the same thing," Ledisi shares in video below. "I'm organic. I'm natural. I'm forward. This is about love and forwardness and being true and not living in denial. People relate to that. They want to buy that. They want real things."