Mara Hruby – Cry Me A River [PREMIERE]

The debut single and fiery torch song "Cry Me A River," from the Bay Area native singer-songwriter Mara Hruby, is just a puzzle piece to her upcoming emotionally drenched EP entitled 'Archaic Rapture,' which reveals a vulnerable side of who Ms. Hruby is and what she has experienced.

"Archaic Rapture is a really emotional project for me. It's six songs in length, one of them being an original that my aunt wrote. It was the best way for me to emotionally get through the biggest heartbreak of my life. I was with a man who cheated on me with six women. That's why I am doing six songs, [and] why I'm calling the EP 'Archaic Rapture'. It was the darkest point in my life. Choosing the songs that I'm doing on this project was my way of coping with the reality of it all.” Hruby recounts.

"Cry Me A River" is a taste of a painful story by Ms. Hruby, which will be released on Tuesday, March 18, 2014.

Close your eyes and open your hearts for this one.

Check it out!