Candice Glover – Damn

With all the delays on Season 12 American Idol winner Candice Glover’s debut album Music Speaks, looks like someone couldn’t take it anymore and leaked cut number four titled “Damn” (guess they were like “Damn, can we get this album out already?!”) But while the song isn’t about the delayed project, Glover does have a Florida Evans moment when she falls in love with a taken man (damn, damn, damn!) and foolishly hopes he’ll leave his main girl. The minimal staccato piano bounces along as Glover emotionally sings in disapointment and regret.

“I didn't know my song Damn leaked online, but I hope you guys like it,” she tweeted.

Music Speaks is set to drop on Feb 18. Glover told Singersroom about the LP: “I have songs on there about being in love and being so into this person that it just feels like you can’t do anything without them; they make you feel alive. It’s so love-driven; it’s something everybody can identify with. I think it’s going to be a great album, and it comes out around Valentine’s Day, so that also works out.”

Pre-order Music Speaks here.