B. Smyth Talks Starting Out in Talent Shows, Learning From Chris Brown, More

Ft. Lauderdale is in the building when the singer and dancer B. Smyth hits the scene. He represents where he is from and does not apologize for it. He’s blessing his fans with his 6-track EP, The Florida Files, and is working on his debut LP. It is hard not to see the potential in this young gun. We had the opportunity to chat with B. Smyth about his beginning, where he is from and more. Check it out.

Make or Break Talent Show … I figured that out after my first talent show. I was really nervous because it was my first talent show and I was going to be the last to perform. Everyone went on one by one and I watched the room just get smaller and smaller… then it was just me. When I finally went up, it was cool. I realized I was on to something.

Family Shock … If I would have a family gathering or I would take someone from my school to my crib they would be in shock and say, “this is what it is?”

Chris Brown Face Off … First time I danced I was in middle school. Chris Brown had just dropped, and I was like I can do that. I was trying to mimic whatever it was. That was the first time I danced, but I didn’t take it seriously. I was just playing back then but once I started singing and training with my homeboys in high school, I started taking it seriously. I also started taking dancing seriously too. I was trying to get better.


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