Justine Skye Talks Aaliyah Inspiration, Next Project, Making a Masterpiece With Drake, More

New York native Justine Skye documented her life for the world on her latest EP, Everyday Living, a project that showcased her funky style, vocal ability and carefree attitude. Signed to Atlantic Records, the 18-year-old singer-songwriter is bringing a fresh new energy and swag to R&B while maintaining her transparency with her fans. We recently chopped it up with Justine about being a huge Aaliyah fan, her creative process, wanting to work with Drake, her next project, and more.

On How It All Started: It started ever since I was a little girl. My mom put me in acting, singing, dancing and all that stuff, and then I realized that singing is my passion. This is what I wanna do; this is what I’m great at, and I just wanna share it with the world.

On Her Creative Process: I make sure I’m always in the studio when a song is being written. I like being in the studio when the beat is being made as well so I can sort of guide them on where it should go and the vibe that I’m in right now. Usually If I don’t have writing ideas I go in the booth and lay down some melodies, and then I add words to…that’s my process. My writing is kind of spontaneous.

Being a Huge Aaliyah Fan: My mom used to play Aaliyah a lot in the house, she used to play a lot of 90’s old school R&B music, and I guess Aaliyah is who I picked up on. I just been a fan of hers ever since I was a little girl. She’s made such an impact on R&B; she helped it be what it is, and I kind of want to be that person to bring back that funky vibe in the R&B world.

On Having a Huge Social Following: I think what they love about me the most is I just keep it real with them. I don’t sugar coat things; I just give it to them how I see it.

The Feedback on Debut EP Everyday Living: A lot of people gave me great comments and feedback from it. I feel like it’s doing pretty good, especially for my first body of work coming out from the label.

On Her Next Project: I’m getting back in the studio; I’m going to LA to start working on a second EP and then the album. A lot has been happening in my life, so you get to hear it all on that EP.

On People She Would Like to Work With: I’m definitely looking forward to working with Drake. When that opportunity comes I will not disappoint; I definitely will make a masterpiece with Drake.

On Life Now: It’s just changing; I’m experiencing new things. I was just on national television; I was trending worldwide on Twitter, some friends are drifting away, and some friends are getting closer. My circle is definitely getting tighter as I progress in my career.

On Her Motivation For Fashion Style: My motivation comes from how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I just put something on; that’s how I go. If the world like, that’s great, if they don’t then that’s great. It’s just what I wanna wear. Aaliyah is definitely one of my biggest fashion inspirations as well as Rihanna; she’s absolutely one hundred percent fly. But I have my own individual style, when you wanna set trends, you have to look within you and figure out what statement you’re going to make.

Check out some past photos of Justine at her ‘Everyday Living’ listening session.

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