Shanell (SnL) Talks Hoes Winning, Guys Pimpin’, YMCMB Being a Family, More

Shanell, a Pop/R&B artist, Songwriter and classically trained dancer, has been in the game for a long time in various capacities. She is what you call a boss chick! What label would fit her more than the label, which has pumped out some of the most successful artists of this decade. The label or family with the leadership of Baby, Slim and Lil Wayne seems to have provided an opportunity for the talented Shanell to show and prove. Shanell is NOBODY’S BITCH and she is not afraid to say it. Check out our chat with the next member of YMCMB to come out … Ms. Shanell. (Call her SNL if you’re nasty!)

Growing Up
… I’ve grown tremendously in the last three years because I have been on the stage. I have also been the artistic director for the last three years. I’m more comfortable being up in the front instead of just being on the production side of things. Like I said I guess I’ve grown a lot.

Doing My Music Thang … I have been doing this music thing since I was a baby. I’m not doing this because I want to be famous or want a big check. If all fails and I’m performing in a little club in a little city, I would be fine with that.

Another Happy YMCMB member… Why wouldn’t I be happy? We are a family here not just a label. My situation is good because I’m next out the gate. I’m proud of Nicki, Tyga and Drake setting the bar up so high for all of us that are coming out now. YMCMB is a label like no other … you have to take the time to make yourself as great as you can be and get ready for your release.

Driver For Nobody’s Bitch … Everyday Life, my home-girls and their conversations with me, my feelings towards men. It’s not all bad, but it could sound a little bit blunt and strait to the point. That’s the reason I say ‘Nobody’s Bitch,’ it’s just being honest and not apologizing for it. You feel the way you feel, say it!

IT IS A STATEMENT … I’m not trying to make a statement… it is a statement!!! I didn’t sit down and say, “Hmm, self we have to make a statement.” No, I just woke up and that’s how I felt. It just started piecing itself together.

These HOES … These hoes (aka whores) are winning! I don’t watch TV. I watch life around me and men like the hoes. The world likes the hoes and they are winning. The thing they like about them is they are not afraid to do what they want and be who they are. It’s intriguing to people because they are not afraid to wear and feel how they want to feel. So why not take the good out of the person like that? You can leave the bad … eat the apple and throw out the core. Why not apply it to these good women that lack those bossed up qualities. In the song I am telling these good girls why these bad girls (hoes aka whores) are winning.

Bad Girls vs. Good Girls … I’m explaining why these bad girls are winning, but I’m telling the good girls to apply what is causing them to win. I have friends that are sitting at home with five kids and they are scared to ask for money for groceries because they are scared to seem like a hoe.

Guys Ain’t Ishhhh… Of course I have had guys that thought that I’m just pimpin’ and I have had guys who thought I have guys in every area code. But I have had guys who actually have girls in every area code. It’s a learning experience.

Sexy … Being myself makes me feel sexy… these questions are weird! (Lol)