JoJo Sought Out Drake’s Producer 40, Drops ‘Jumping Trains’ Album Title

JoJo’s second single “Demonstrate” from her upcoming third album is creating quite a buzz. The sexy lyrics and flow of the song is a “demonstration” of where the songstress is headed creatively. “I hope that people are feeling the direction. I like to think of it as CrazySexyCool – that’s kind of where I want to go with this album,” JoJo told MTV News. The singer says the album is “halfway done” with some added changes. Previously titled “Jumping Trains,” the 21-year-old plans to re-title the project.

“I’m headed in a new direction, so I wanted to start fresh with new everything,” JoJo said. ” ‘Demonstrate’ just felt like how I want to continue on with this journey and the next step. For me, the third album is a really big moment in someone’s career, so I wanted to make sure that we are leading off with the right thing.”

The indecision comes from pressure to get it right. The third album is a big moment for JoJo, and she wants it to go in the right direction, so she enlisted Drake’s longtime producer Noah “40” Shebib to collaborate with. The two worked together before, collaborating last year on JoJo’s version of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room.” “I really wanted to get in with him; he’s the most exciting producer I’ve ever worked with,” she said. “I’ve never seen a method like his, and it was very, very inspiring and it really kind of reinvigorated my creativity to be in there with him.”

The singer admits she was nervous about releasing the track due to the risqué content, but the response to her version of “Marvin’s Room” was reassuring for her to pursue the direction she wanted to go musically. But it’s not her fans she’s worried about; it’s what her family may think, even though it seems they also support her musical direction. She said, “I was like, ‘Mom, check out my new single,’ and she was like, ‘My god, that’s raunchy, but you look pretty on the cover!’ ”