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Jojo - Demonstrate

Singersroom Wed, Jul 18, 2012
Singer JoJo releases the brand new single "Demonstrate," which continues to showcase her maturity and growth. On the groovy, slow winding track, led by an electric guitar, the 20-year-old croons about demonstrating her pin-up "sexual anxiety."

"I know I can demonstrate / And I can let my body explain / I know I can demonstrate / So I'mma make it simple and plain / You just need to come over," sings JoJo about the freaky sh*t on her mind.

"Demonstrate," the follow-up to her lead single "Disaster," and produced by Drake's producer Noah "40" Shebib, will appear on JoJo's much anticipated third studio album 'Jumping Trains,' slated for release later this year.

Producer: Noah '40' Shebib
Label: Blackground

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