A Quick Conversation with Cristyle

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Signing to Jermanie Dupri’s Label… “I’m extremely excited! It’s always been the goal since day one. I’ve been a singer since three years old so my single is ready to come out very soon. It’s called “Pinch Me Now” and I’m just jumping out of my skin about it now.”

Solo Album Favorites… “Oh my gosh. I do new records everyday and everyday [I have a] new favorite record. They’re all my “next single record”. [Laughs] But I’ve worked with Rodney Jerkins, Jermaine Dupri, Brian Michael Cox, and we’re just getting started on it, so who knows.”

Collaborating with Labelmate Dondria… “I’ve been working with Dondria ever since she first got discovered by Jermanie Dupri and she’s just amazing. She’s like a little sister to me. Just to watch her growth in the industry as a vocalist is incredible.” —— By: Interview By Connie Tang