Natural or Not? 10 Hair Rules

It must be something in the water or maybe the hair because women are starting to go natural in numbers. All of their reasons for the change vary like the texture and lengths of their hair. It’s kind of exciting to see women diving right in and going through with the “big cut.” Artists such as Solange, Chrisette Michele and India Arie face the new lands of natural hair with their beautiful cuts and dos. Natural hair blogs and websites have helped to educate women on hair health. Curly Nikki’s blog is a great example of a place where women can get helpful tips on how to transition toward natural hair growth or help to maintain natural hair. It’s like a natural hair sanctuary of sorts.

1.Marvelous Mission: Nikki’s mission, as a psychotherapist, is to provide balance between physical beauty and personal esteem in a way that defies social norms.

Curly Nikki… “In my practice as a psychotherapist, I regularly counsel women through depression, low self-esteem, and image development. Hair comes up more than you think. I provide Hair Therapy Sessions to achieve real hair, real beauty and real self-esteem!

2.The Fabulous Approach: Nikki’s approach is different because it is not rooted in a political statement, nor a ‘back to nature’ movement.

Curly Nikki… “It’s simply one part of a fabulous, healthier lifestyle…an extension of our beauty. Making natural hair chic is the name of the game!

3.Support: Women if you want to make a change and need a little encouragement seek other’s that have natural hair. People that you can relate to and have stories to tell will help to make the transition or even the big chop so much easier.

Curly Nikki… “If you ever feel discouraged, don’t hesitate to[come to] this supportive environment for moral support and all around good times.

4.Redefining: Natural hair is a proclamation loud and clear that declares freedom from stereotypical images of beauty. You are telling the world that the real you is just as beautiful as any permed, processed and Photoshopped/cropped beauty from one of those “men magazines.”

5.Versatility: Options, options, options are always great. Instead of the same bone straight hair, your natural hair gives you the opportunity to be free to be creative. Afro, puffs, locks, funky braids, twists, half cornrows, straw curls and so many more styles are all styles you can use to wow all those non-believers.

6.Uniqueness: Natural hair gives you the opportunity to find yourself. No one can be you better than you.

7.Healthier Hair: Free from relaxers & perms that legend say turns your brain blue.(Why not hot pink?) Natural products do not break or damage the hair. It is free of heat and chemicals that can have lasting effects. Years of chemical use and mistreatment can result in conditions such as Traction Alopecia.

Nikki … “My parents banned relaxers in their household-something I was annoyed with at the time, but completely understand and appreciate today.” (They must have known something.)

8.It’s Cheaper: If you have been addicted to the “crème crack” (JUST FOR ME, BEAUTIFUL BEGINNINGS, AND DARK N LOVELY) since a child it probably has cost you and your parents a pretty penny. Saloons are always jam packed with women ready to get their fix and the beauty supply stores are always filled with chemicals to straighten the sin out of your hair. It’s a 20 billion dollar business! If you get a perm every 4-6 weeks, how much have you spent on perms and relaxers?

9.Enlightenment: Women that chose to go natural usually stop using unhealthy hair and body products that cause physical and environmental harm. These women feel the urge to pass on this useful information to other fresh “naturalist”. These women read labels, research and pay close attention to the ingredients in their shampoos and conditioners.

Curly Nikki… “The cone-y products were hiding the years of damage- the repeated 400 degree flat-ironing sessions, the three highlighting experiences, and my ZERO moisture routine. My head was a mess.”

10.Beauty Is Universal! Black, brown, caramel, mocha, vanilla, yellow, curly, kinky, bushy, big, and tall are all beautiful.
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