Nelly Hints At Marrying Ashanti in The Future

Rapper Nelly and R&B singer Ashanti has maintained a strong united front about their relationship in the media but lately, Nelly, who stressed that their “good friends,” has been dropping certain hints. “Same as it’s always been, where really good friends. I think that’s the thing that people really don’t understand…it’s like society puts a pressure on you cause they want to see a certain relationship,” Nelly says in an interview with Rap-Up TV. “But if that relationship don’t work then society doesn’t take that responsibility of when it don’t work. What people don’t understand…I think you really have to be friends first. It’s not a bout how long it takes because there’s no time limit.” Like his music, Nelly indirectly talks about his commitment to one thing or woman in this case. “I’m not a person that wants to get married more than once…I’m not a person who wants to be in a relationship more than once,” he says, jokingly adding, “your dying if you leave me.” As far as really getting married, Nelly says right now we’re “friends” and that he’s “married to his work…5.0.” “I’m married to getting things in a certain situation and she’s married to getting things in a certain situation,” he says. “Again, we enjoy each other’s company…we love it.”Watch interview here


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