R. Kelly Says The Best Of Both Worlds was for 2Pac

In this months XXL Magazine, R. Kelly breaks down one of his most celebrated creations, TP2.com song by song. Kellz also explains how not only was “I Wish” intended for 2Pac but another collaborative effort as well was in their plans. “Well ‘I Wish’ was basically about Tupac at first.” Says Kelly. “I met Tupac in L.A.- the [Hotel Nikko], and he was rolling by in his drop-top whatever hot car. I seen him, and I yelled out, “‘Pac! ‘Pac!” He was driving by, rolling by himself. I’m like, ‘This nigga got a lot of balls to be rolling by his self!” So we kicked it for a minute, I said “Dude, we need to do an album.” See, The Best Of Both Worlds was for me and Pac at first. “I Wish” was gonna be the first song we were gonna do.” In related news, Kelly’s 12th solo album Love Letter (one of three album) is planned for release the end of 2010. The Motown-indebted single “When A Woman Loves” inspired by 50’s and 60’s R&B is out now.


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