Hairstyle: Bold, Bald & Beautiful

So, it seems as though people are over the whole “long hair, don’t care” thing and have traded it in for the “bald & beautiful.” But what does it really take to be bald? Should you just walk into a shop and sit in the barber’s chair? Not really. Let’s take a look at who’s bald, why it works for them and if it would work for you.


The Def Jam recently cut her hair and shocked fans – but in a good way. When she premiered her new ‘do’ in April 2010, she explained: “I’m proud of myself. I know that there is a place for my beauty in this world and I plan to celebrate who I am, beginning with my roots.”


After years of wearing her locs in beautiful styles, Natalie has chosen to cut her hair off. Never one to be afraid of her natural beauty, “The Floacist” now rocks a bald look which is now representative of her solo efforts – fearless, beautiful and one of a kind.


When Solange decided to do “The Big Chop” in the summer of 2009 and lose her beautiful tresses everyone was surprised. She talked about everywhere – including Oprah – proudly and unapologetically. The “Under Construction” singer stated: “I guess you just go through different phases in your life. I was pretty much at the point where I needed the change and I needed to focus my energy on more productive arenas.”


The Ugly: If you don’t know what the shape of your head is first before making the cut, you may regret it. Have your stylist give you any idea of what shape your head actually is and what type of low cut will work for you.

The Bad: If you’re not too sure on whether or not you really want to make the change, once it’s done – it’s DONE. There’s no turning back once you cut hair until it grows back.

The Good: It’s a great change! You’ll be cooler in the summer…if your hair is damaged this is a great way to give it life again. And if you’re really up to being a natural beauty then this is the way to go. Here’s the thing: it’s just hair it’ll grow back. And in case it takes too long for you, there are always other options you can turn to while you wait for it to grow your ideal length.

—— By: Mattie James


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