Tank: Speaks on Monogamy, Love Telepathy & The Most Romantic Date

Tank’s albums, ‘Force of Nature’ to ‘Now or Never’, throughout the years has given us a sensual and romantic sound that has had the ability to seduce that special someone. His sound is bold and all man but has the vulnerability that we all can feel. As a producer, singer and songwriter Tank has been able to make that nostalgic R&B music we all seem to be missing. If you want something to play while you’re whispering something smooth in your lady’s or man’s ear put a song like ‘Sex Music’ on and do what comes natural. Tank took time out to tell us his formula to making “love making” music.

Singersroom: What is the most romantic thing you have done for a woman outside Valentine Day?

Tank: Taking a walk and holding hands.

Singersroom: Simple and sweet…

Tank: Simple and sweet and very information driven.

Singersroom: You want to have a deep talk on that walk…

You want to get into the intimate details on how a person feels and what’s going on with them. Going to the movies or going out to dinner at the hot spot and all those things, sometimes it is not the setting sometimes [for] conversation. You take a walk and hold hands, exchange that energy and information, ist better for building whatever your building; whether it be a friendship or love affair. I think that it is very romantic to share information and to share real feelings.

Singersroom: Do you think woman expect too much from men?

Tank: I think it is a bit of both. I think in some situations woman expect a lot [and] in some situations men don’t give enough. It goes both ways. The thing is woman have a better understanding of who we are. When woman say “he like that” they put us in a little bunch sometimes that is a lot right. When it comes to woman [they] are more complex. I think sometimes woman want the perfect world. Woman want it the way they want it, when they want it and without the compromise. Even knowing when they think about it later “I already know how he is.” Woman are kind of like children wherein they will revert to just wanting to be held, wanting to be listened to or wanting to be understood. Wanting you to read their mind [so] when they run in the house and look at you a certain way you already know what it is. “Your thirsty, you played four games of freeze tag” I got a Popsicle. (laughter) Woman are like that where you have to stop and drop everything your doing and make-up an answer for god-sake. Then sometimes woman within that process woman can’t understand that maybe we can’t drop everything or maybe the telepathy ain’t kicking like it is suppose to be. It is a give and take.

Singersroom: How is your current love life?

Tank: I am currently single on the love front. I love my kids and I love my momma. I am a lover. I fall in love easily. I could meet somebody and say I love you. Even if it is a dating situation or where hanging out I want to make a woman feel like she is the only one.

Singersroom: Do you believe in monogamy?

Tank: Yes, I believe in monogamy. I believe it takes a lot of discipline and maybe you [have] to go study with the Shaolin monks up in the mountains. (laughter) You can develop that discipline that will get you to that point.

Singersroom: It’s something if you really want to do it, it can be done.

Tank: If you really want to do it, it can be done. The human mind is amazing, so whatever you put your mind to you can do it. But that thing since the beginning of time has been a thorn on the men side so it is something you have to work on. —— By: Interview By Staff


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