Jeremih: Developing Music From Scratch

Jeremih is only 23 years of age but his understanding of music and his ability to be more than an R&B artist has the world ready for his sophomore album entitled ‘All About You.’ Jeremih cruised through the streets of busy Manhattan and chatted with about finding the “one”, helping the youth, and having a sound like no other.

Singersroom: So what have you been working on between your last album and this one?

Jeremih: I just have been writing and in the studio trying to make sure I give the people the best of me. I have been perfecting my sound. Also besides music I have been doing a lot of charity.

Singersroom: It’s good to see that you’re involved with charities at such a young age.

Jeremih: I feel that if anyone is in the position to help they should. The younger people look up to us. It could be an athlete or musician…we all have an influence over the youth. They can relate or comprehend because it is real to them.

Singersroom: That’s dope…so what can we expect from this new album? How have you separated yourself from the rest of the R&B artists?

Jeremih: Well, I wouldn’t consider myself an R&B cat. I can make great R&B music but the thing that separates me from them is that I’m a musician. I wrote my entire album. I doubt the others can say that. I thank LA Reid for believing in my project. This album has all the ingredients of touching all bases of music. I think that’s what makes me different. I think I have the ability to make a pop record. All of these R&B artists are good artist and they all have their niche but I want people to get used to my sound. I just want people to get a chance to enjoy this album.

Singersroom: You have been playing instruments since the age of three. How are you able to incorporate your musicianship in your performance and album?

Jeremih: I think the last performance I used heavy drums and percussion. Using instruments is my approach so you can easily tell that’s how I musically and lyrically come at records.

Singersroom: Being a young, smart and successful black man, what do you do for fun?

Jeremih: I just got a brand new condo so I go outside with the boys. I just like to kick it with my boys and play basketball.

Singersroom: Coming from the Midwest (Chicago) and traveling all around the world what places bring you inspiration?

Jeremih: I’m inspired by my home…the Midwest. I grew up listening to all music that was played there. We have one of the greatest, R. Kelly, coming from there. I respect his music and I take a lot from him. I’m inspired by all music. I feel like there is no music I can’t make.

Singersroom: Since you are really involved in developing your music from scratch, have you ever wanted to take a different approach and sample? If so what record would it be?

Jeremih: The record wouldn’t be really known or it would be a snare or strings from a quartet. But I have always wanted to do [Bill Wither’s] “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone.” [singing]

Singersroom: We are doing a competition called 30 under 30 that crowns the hottest male artists under the age of 30. Who would you pick as a winner for 30 under 30?

Jeremih: Well, I hope I’m number one! But Usher always has done his thing. Trey Songz and Chris Brown are hot right now.

Singersroom: What do you like about them as individuals?

Jeremih: Like myself I feel like Trey has the capability of what I call rap singing. He’s on his third or fourth album and I think he has evolved into the artist that he is today. Now I think Chris Brown can be considered a rap singer also. I think the ladies love him. He has got everyone loving his style and his sound that’s a beautiful thing. His approach and lyrics are pretty dope.

Singersroom: What do you look for in female?

Jeremih: I am looking for someone that will hold me down. Someone that can be my best friend before anything else. Obviously you can’t just be looking for someone with a good mind and spirit when all you are looking at is the physical. So I like beautiful women. I don’t think I have a type, I think anyone can fall in love anyone. I don’t think anyone has a type. A woman that has a good heart and that can hold me down would be my pick.

Singersroom: Are you looking for the “one” at this point in your life?

Jeremih: You can’t look for the one! The one just will find you. Anyone will know when they find their soul mate and they found someone that will love them for who they are.

Singersroom: What is a record on this album that people will gravitate towards?

Jeremih: I just dropped a joint with 50 Cent called “Down On Me” that is crazy!

Singersroom: Do you have a record for the ladies?

Jeremih: A record off my album called “Waiter.”

Jeremih’s ‘All About You’ in stores September 28th.

—— By: Interview By Deyior Dunbar


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