Danni Ai: Transition to Expression

Danni Ai discovered music as a toddler in a Jamaican church then as a teen she learned how to express herself through that same art form. From adolescent to young adult she captured experiences that have shaped her personal character and artistic stance. Danni shares her path stating “Your reality is what you make it…though tears may have been shed along life’s journey, I celebrate in the essence of living the life you love, and loving the life you live.”

Career Back-up Plan… “Throw the piano out the window and all…I am in school studying electronic design and I’m not bad at all. It’s another form of artistic expression that requires a bit of talent, a bit of luck and tons of hard work…I’m familiar with all of that.”

A Mentor Education… “[Music producer- Joe, Chrisette Michele] Allstar is Fantastic. I definitely came into my audition talking about what I wanted and what I believed in and his answer was [debut single] “Storyteller.” He already had everything that I wanted and he made me realize that I didn’t have to stick to R&B and Reggae. He showed me deep roots in Ska and then he showed me Pop.”

Not Anti-Men Just Pro-Woman… “The album is about discernment, self worth and value. It’s about not allowing a man to abuse you physically or emotionally and standing up on two pretty feet with pink boxing gloves on each hand ready to the battle of life and self expression. It’s not really a feminist approach but it is certainly strong and vibrant and self loving and feel good-ing…”

Becoming An Open Book… “It’s always hard to give up that mystery a bit or talk about the more private side of lady hood but my best friend and my mom always say that I need to give some of myself to help get my message across. If I share some of the bad times and show someone how I got some of this character (however goofy) then maybe that one girl will the president of the united states or help someone that will raise a strong man child or stop a little girl from hating her place in life! Give a little to help a little and maybe someday it pays off with helping a lot…I just know its worth it.”

Hitting My Inner Circle… “Some of my friends say “Lose The Loser” because my ex used to call himself a loser and then he started calling me a loser…and they all though it was just awful that someone would ever say that to anyone. His joke would eventually trick him to believing that he was.”

Love Affair With R&B & Pop…“I love R&B because it pours out of my veins. I thought it was the only thing that I knew how to write at some point. It was the only thing I thought I could sing. I was raised on Reggae and gospel but that translated as R&B somehow and it’s a love affair but this Pop is quickly becoming my new love. It so much fun, it makes you want [to] dance [and] it feels so good.” —— By: Interview By Adeniyi Omisore


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