Glam’d: The Smokey Eye

There has been a lot of talk recently about the smokey eye look when applying eye makeup. Top Hollywood starlets such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Rhianna have been seen sporting this sexy and sophisticated look. This is another trend that has been around for ages but has suddenly re-appeared. I first heard of it while watching an episode of one of my favorite shows, “Bridezillas” (yea, I know but I can’t help it). One of the surly bride-to-be’s was giving her make-up artist the business because she wasn’t giving her the ‘smokey eye’. She kept yelling, “I want it smokey, dammit!” So, this prompted me to want to find out what was so special about this particular style of applying eye makeup. I’m your normal “no-frills” type of chick. I apply one, maybe two colors to my eyes, throw on some eyeliner, lip gloss, and I’m good. But, it is now 2010 and it won’t hurt to try something new.

The whole concept behind the smokey eye is to create a look of mystique and allure. According to some of the top make-up artists, this can all be achieved in five simple steps:

Step One: Preparing your eyes
Start by applying a light shade of concealer to both the under eye area and the top of the eye lid.

Step Two: Eyeliner
Line both the top and the bottom rims with eyeliner. For larger eyes, apply liner from corner to corner. For smaller eyes, start from the middle of the under eye to the outside of the eye.

Step Three: Applying the Shadow
Using a q-tip or small eye shadow brush, soften the edges of the eyeliner you applied before. Apply a dark shadow with the q-tip or brush directly over the penciled area and smudge. The shadow will help soften the look.

Step Four: The Finishing Touches
Lastly, apply a lighter shadow in a neutral tone with a larger eye shadow brush. Encircle the entire eye area while graduating outward for the perfect blended look, and add mascara.

Step Five: Cleaning It Up
Use a fluffy brush and a q-tip to brush away any shadow that has fallen below the eye and any other areas that have smeared.

To make this look more dramatic, add more eye shadow and mascara. The general rule for this look is to play down the lips if the eyes are going to stand out. Most make-up artists advise wearing a clear gloss or ‘barely there’ pink lip gloss. You can also check out the video called “Sandy’s Basic Smokey Eye” at Now, come on ladies let’s make those eyes pop!
—— By: Tiffany Haggerty


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