Glam’d: 8 Certified Diva Beauty Secrets Revealed

With the rise of Beyonce’s third solo album, I AM: Sasha Fierce, every woman has been running around calling themselves, A Diva! All Divas know the tricks that make them stand out more than that average chick. Listed below are 8 beauty secrets that have been around for years but kept private by the best of the best makeup artists, hair stylists, and the manicurist. I’m here to unlock the secret so all my Divas get your pads and pens out and learn something.

1. Condition, condition, condition is what we are taught to keep our hair healthy. Don’t get me wrong conditioning is key to healthy hair but we can enhance our conditioners by warming it up in a safe microwaveable bowl for just about 15 seconds. What does the warmth do? Well the heat from the opens up your hairs cuticles which will make it easier for the conditioner to penetrate deeper.

2. Ever been out of blotting tissues while at your favorite night spot and its time for a quick touch up? Next time you’re in the restroom check for the toilet seat covers. Sounds gross but it’s known that toilet seat covers make the perfect emergency blotting tissues. The thinness of the paper absorbs all the oil from your face taking away that shine.

3. Do you have straight eyelashes that just won’t curl no matter how many times you use an eyelash curler? Well here’s the trick, warm up the eyelash curler with a blow dryer on the lowest setting for a maximum of three seconds then immediately begin to curl your lashes. The heat opens up your hair cuticles and makes an instant curl.

4. Want full thick lashes without spending major dollars on mascaras that falsely promise voluminous lashes? Before you’re ready to put on your first coat of mascara get a clean mascara brush and sprinkle a pinch of translucent powder on the brush. Dusting your lashes with the translucent powder will add instant volume to your lashes. After doing so you can follow up with your mascara of choice.

5. I know we only have a couple more weeks of summer but it’s never too late to protect your strands from the sun. How do you do this you ask? Mix an equal amount of water and sunscreen in a spray bottle and just spritz your hair before any exposure to the sun. This concoction will keep the color from your hair to fade and reduce dryness.

6. Want to add a little va va voom factor to your dull lipstick? Well it’s very simple; just add a sheer golden lip gloss on top of your favorite lip color. This will instantly liven up the color and turn your dull lipstick into a brand new hue.

7. Ladies you can turn any shade of eye shadow into a liquid liner. Add a few sprinkles of eye drops to your eye liner brush. Then swipe that brush along side your eye shadow of choice. The best thing about this is that the eye drops are sterile and will not leave any kind of bacteria in your makeup.

8. Is your favorite mascara starting to clump and you’re just not ready to go get another one just yet? Just add a drop of Coca-Cola to it! The syrup in the soda adds moisture and will not make it watery.

Now that I’ve revealed the 8 beauty secrets its time for you to get your “Certified Diva” on!

—— By: Summer Terry


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